Pic by Sander Hesterman (EBU)

A kiss between two women in last night’s Eurovision Song Contest semi-final went ahead, despite Turkey cancelling its broadcast of the event.

It is believed that the country blocked the show because of the smooch between Finnish singer Krista Siegfrids and one of her backup dancers during the performance in Malm�, Sweden.

Siegfrids told Gay Star News that her entry in the contest, Marry Me, was a statement in support of same-sex marriage rights.

“This isn’t about politics. We are here to talk about love. Yes, love!” she said.

The lip lock took place at the end of the performance and is the first same-sex kiss ever broadcast in the contest’s 59 year history.

The planned kiss caused outrage in Turkey when it became clear in rehearsals that the lesbian moment was part of Siegfrids’ song.

Earlier, the AllOut.org activism site said that it feared that Turkey would attempt to pressure the Eurovision contest to cut the kiss.

Ten years ago, the European Broadcasting Union refused to allow Russian group t.A.T.u. to include a lesbian kiss in their Eurovision Song Contest performance.

Siegfrids’ song was selected as a finalist in the semi-final and she will perform it again at the Grand Final on Saturday.

While homosexuality is not criminalised in Turkey it remains a social taboo and LGBT groups and individuals experience harassment and discrimination.

Watch Siegfrids’ performance below.

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