Vive la France! After months of bitter opposition and mass public protests, gay marriage has finally been approved by the French Constitutional Council and President Francois Hollande.

On Saturday, Hollande – a champion of the legislation, which also legalises gay adoption -signed the controversial bill into law.

This makes France the 14th country in the world to allow same-sex marriage.

During his campaign for the presidency last year, Hollande promised to advance the issue if he was elected.

While opponents of the bill had argued that it was unconstitutional, on Friday, the country’s Constitutional Council also gave the legislation a thumbs-up.

It said that the bill “did not run contrary to any constitutional principles” and that it is not in violation of any “basic rights or liberties or national sovereignty.”

Despite the ruling, the anti-gay lobby – backed by the Catholic Church and political conservatives – vowed to continue their campaign against the law.

The legislation has divided the French public and has seen mass demonstrations in Paris for and against the bill. Some protests resulted in violent clashes with the police.

Another mass demonstration is scheduled for Sunday 26 May.

While polls show that a clear majority of the French are in favour of legalising gay marriage, they are evenly split on the issue of gay adoption.

The first gay wedding in France could take place within 10 days.

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