Kwabena Tawiah

A self-styled ‘prophet’ in Ghana has claimed that a series of fires that have gutted markets in the country are God’s wrath against homosexuality.

Kwabena Tawiah, who is the founder of the Church of Rabbi, made the comments in a radio interview with Peace FM.

He claimed that the fires in markets across Accra in recent weeks were divine retribution for the country’s sins, which include homosexual acts, murder, stealing and other “deviant” acts.

Tawiah warned that the fires will continue into July unless his countrymen repent from their wicked ways.

“We should go on our knees and pray for Ghana,” Tawiah said. “We should set aside a month and strongly intercede for Ghana or else from now to July, everywhere money is amassed or hoarded will be burnt down.”

Blaming gays or the tolerance of homosexuality for natural disasters due to divine retribution is not uncommon among certain religious leaders.

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church recently said that the Boston Marathon bombings were “sent” by God as punishment for growing support for same-sex marriage in the US.

In October last year, Christian preacher John McTernan blamed the Obama administration’s support for same-sex marriage for the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

Earlier that year, homophobic South African pastor Errol Naidoo from the Family Policy Institute suggested that gays and lesbians were responsible for creating a “culture of death” that led to the Marikana mine massacre.

Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana, with penalties of up to three years in prison.

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