Following last weekend’s disruption of the French Open, opponents of France’s recently enacted same-sex marriage law now plan to use the upcoming Tour de France to make their voices heard.

A new Facebook page, “Tour de France For All“, has outlined the protesters’ intentions to take advantage of the high profile cycle rage.

“From June 29th to July 21st, we will have incredible global visibility to show our fight against the law,” reads the description of the page, which has been liked by over a thousand people so far.

Those behind the planned protests hope to use the page to organise demonstrations along the route of the race, which kicks off on the island of Corsica and will stretch across much of France.

They insist that they don’t plan to disrupt the race “but to show our colours on French and foreign networks at each stage. Let’s bring flags, hoodies and whistles and whatever will make us seen and heard”.

The Telegraph reports that French police are nevertheless assessing the group’s possible threat to the race.

Last Sunday, seven people were detained after they staged protests during the French Open men’s singles final between Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer.

One man ran out onto the court while holding a flaming torch and briefly disrupted the match.

In April, amidst a wave of massive anti-gay protests, France became the ninth European country and the 14th in the world to legalise marriage equality for all of its citizens.

The law, which also legalised adoption by gay couples, has divided France and radicalised the right wing.

LGBT rights groups and police have documented a dramatic spike in hate crime attacks against gay people in the country this year.

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