Two staff members at South Africa’s FHM magazine could be fired after they made jokes about corrective rape, just days after the brutal murder of lesbian Duduzile Zozo.

FHM’s Features Editor Max Barashenkov started the offensive conversation on Facebook when he posted: “I propose correctional rape and sterilisation of any white person who twerks.”

Fellow FHM writer Montle Moorosi added: “I think rape can be quite fun if executed in a romantic manner. like saying ‘i love you’ before you slip a roofie in her earl grey tea.”

Despite other shocked Facebook members questioning the appropriateness of their comments, the writers continued along the same lines, with Barashenkov stating: “I, myself, was a victim of correctional rape, so I can make jokes about it.”

The outrageous conversation became a topic of angry discussion on Twitter after Linda Stupart (@LindaStupart53m) tweeted a screenshot of the Facebook posts.

“Duduzile Zozo, raped & murdered this mnth because she is gay @FHMSouthAfrica writers are joking about corrective rape,” she said.

Michelle Solomon (@mishsolomon) tweeted that she had laid a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission against Barashenkov and Moorosi.

Gerard ‏(@GerardZA) added: “Max Barashenkov you may never work in this town again #FHM”.

In reaction to the furore, FHM tweeted: “The private FB comments made by Max & Montle are indefensible. FHM is taking immediate disciplinary action.”

In statement published by Women24, the men’s magazine went on to say: “FHM was horrified to learn of the incredibly offensive comments made by two of our staff members on their private Facebook pages. 

“These comments in no way reflect FHM’s values. The opinions expressed are hurtful and deeply offensive and entirely unacceptable to FHM’s management.”

It is understood that the two writers have been suspended with immediate effect.

The term ‘corrective rape’ refers to the belief that a lesbian woman can be ‘cured’ of her homosexuality by being raped by a man.

The half naked body of 26-year-old Duduzile Zozo was found in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni on Sunday 30 June. She had been raped with a toilet brush and murdered. It is thought that she was attacked for being openly lesbian.

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