Maxim Martsinkevich

Maxim Martsinkevich

The man behind the extremist Russian group responsible for humiliating and torturing a young gay Swazi student on camera in Russia has been arrested in Cuba.

The appalling video surfaced online in November last year and showed the 20-year-old being forced to strip, simulate oral sex on a beer bottle and say racist slurs by thugs from the right-wing Occupy Paedophilia movement.

The victim, who was first thought to be South African, was also slapped, had his hair shaved and was made to kiss a watermelon, which was then smashed into his face.

The Occupy Paedophilia group is notorious for its “sting operations” in which it lures young gay men into being abused and humiliated. Videos of the attacks are usually posted on Russian social media sites.

The young gay Swazi student being abused by members of Occupy Paedophilia

The young gay Swazi student being abused by members of Occupy Paedophilia

Shortly after the Swazi incident, it was reported that Maxim Martsinkevich, the founder of Occupy Paedophilia, had fled to Thailand to avoid possible arrest over the group’s actions.

Martsinkevich specifically fears being prosecuted for a video in which he abused a gay Iraqi man in the Ukraine. He has twice previously been convicted of racial hatred in Russia and spent three and a half years in prison.

On Saturday, RIA Novosti reported that the Russian Interior Ministry had confirmed that Martsinkevich had finally been caught after he was arrested by Cuban police on an international arrest warrant.

His group’s young Swazi victim, who was studying in the Russian city of Belgorod at the time of the homophobic attack, later returned to Swaziland. He was said to have been traumatised by the experience.

It is not known if Martsinkevich will also be charged over this incident.

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