The Swazi youth (right) is humiliated by anti-gay Russian thugs

The Swazi youth (right) is humiliated by anti-gay Russian thugs

It’s been reported that the young Swazi man kidnapped and humiliated by anti-gay neo-Nazi thugs in Russia has been left traumatised by his ordeal.

According to IOL, a Swaziland government spokesperson confirmed earlier South African government information that the 20-year-old student, who remains unidentified, had returned to his rural home.

Swazi media have used the pseudonym ‘Gadlela’ for the victim in their media reports on the case. It appears that he was already in Swaziland when the disturbing video was released and went viral. He was originally believed to be a South African citizen.

“Due to the trauma he suffered, he went to his family and neglected to contact government on his arrival,” said spokesman Percy Simelane.

The young man’s mother told Swazi media that Shukhov State Technological University, where her son had been studying in Russia, had phoned her to confirm that he had arrived home.

It remains unclear if he was expelled, as per earlier reports, or left because of the incident.

She said that her traumatised son had asked not be disturbed and would at some point return to his studies, but not at the Russian university.

The woman further revealed that government social welfare workers had visited her son.

It remains unclear if any action will be taken against the young man due to his sexuality or perceived sexuality.

Homosexuality is illegal in Swaziland, which is an absolute monarchy that has been widely condemned for its poor human rights record.

While arrests and prosecutions of gays and lesbians are rare, they face widespread societal discrimination.

The young Swazi man, who was studying in the Russian city of Belgorod, was the victim of the right-wing Occupy Paedophilia movement.

The group conducts “sting” operations in which it lures young gay men into being abused and humiliated while being filmed.

In the video, the victim was forced to strip, simulate oral sex on a beer bottle and say racist slurs. He was also slapped, had his hair shaved and was made to kiss a watermelon, which was then smashed into his face.

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