Russian homophobia may have claimed a South African victim. It’s been reported that a young South African man has been targeted by brutal anti-gay Russian thugs.

According to Buzzfeed, the 20-year-old student was lured by a homophobic group in the city of Belgorod with the promise of meeting up with a 15-year-old boy. The group claims this was for a sexual liaison.

While Buzzfeed has identified the young man, Mambaonline has chosen not to include his name in our report or include a link to the video to protect his privacy.

In the appalling video, the thugs are seen taunting and humiliating the student who appears both fearful and confused.

They force him to strip, simulate oral sex on a beer bottle and say racist slurs. They also slap him, make him kiss a watermelon, then smash it into his face, and shave his hair.

Reports say the victim filed a complaint with Belgorod State University, where it is believed he was studying, but instead of being supported by the institution, he was expelled.

The video was posted onto the Russian social media website by a group called Occupy Paedophilia.

This network of anti-gay thugs has been implicated in numerous “sting” operations in which young gay people are filmed being abused and humiliated. The videos are then posted online.

Founded by neo-Nazi Maksim Martsinkevich, the group does not distinguish between paedophilia and homosexuality.

The growth of the phenomenon has coincided with increasing official state oppression of LGBT people in Russia.

The country recently banned any public displays of homosexuality or publicly expressing support for LGBT rights. There are also efforts by legislators to pass a law to take away children from gay or lesbian parents.

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