Teachers blamed for deadly anti-gay school riot


The two school boys accused of homosexuality were arrested by police (Pic: ghanaflow.net)

Teachers at a Ghanaian school that erupted into violence over two pupils who reportedly had gay sex have been blamed for not taking action against “homosexual acts” at the school.

Earlier this month, police accidentally shot and killed a boy in an effort to calm the teen mob at St Paul’s Boys Senior High School after teachers tried to protect the two students.

The rampaging learners told the media that they took matters into their own hands because teachers were condoning “students practising gayism in the school”.

Shockingly, instead of condemning homophobia, a committee investigating the incident seems to agree. According to Citifmonline, the committee “accused authorities of the school of neglecting worrying signals which might have contributed to the riot at the school.”

Its regional correspondent reported that, “the committee stated that the school’s authorities failed to deal appropriately with students who had previously been found engaging in homosexual acts.”

The website also said that the committee believed that, “the teachers, despite the fact that they aware of acts of homosexuality at the school, have been unable to ‘curb the situation’ and provide the appropriate punishments.”

During the riot, pupils broke windows in the teachers’ living quarters, smashed car windscreens, damaged other school property and threw stones at police.

It is unclear what happened to the mob’s two young intended victims. It was reported that they were arrested by police on suspicion of homosexuality but there has been no news of their fate.

Gay sex is illegal in Ghana and carries a sentence of three years imprisonment. There have been a number of recent incidents of people being attacked or killed by mobs because of their suspected sexual orientation or gender identity.

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