Boy killed, two arrested as high school riots over ‘gay’ students


The two school boys accused of homosexuality were arrested by police (Pic:

Ghanaian police have killed a boy after a school mob went on the rampage, attacking two pupils accused of being gay.

According to local media, the two unnamed students at St Paul’s Boys Senior High School were apparently caught having sex by their colleagues on the weekend.

Teachers attempted to protect the boys from the angry student mob. The pupils attacked teachers in retaliation, breaking windows in their living quarters, smashing car windscreens and damaging school property.

Teachers were forced to call the police to quell the violence. Officers arrived on the scene to calm the mêlée and, after the rioting students threw stones at them, fired warned shots –  inadvertently shooting and killing a 14-year-old student.

The two no-doubt-traumatised victims of the hate mob were then arrested by police on suspicion of homosexuality. The claims against them are being investigated by the authorities.

Meanwhile, three police officers have been arrested in connection with the shooting. The school has also been temporarily closed down.

Some of the pupils justified the violence by claiming that they were forced to take action because teachers were condoning “students practising gayism in the school”.

According to its Facebook page, St Paul’s is a Roman Catholic single sex school for boys in the Denu Volta Region of Ghana.

Gay sex is illegal in Ghana and carries a sentence of three years imprisonment. In May last year, it was reported that a group of Muslim youth had killed a man they accused of being gay.

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