Look: Guys kiss for Kim Davis


guys_urged_to_kiss_for_kim_davisWho knew activism could be such fun! A new social media campaign is urging men to kiss their male friends to show homophobic county clerk Kim Davis that love will win out.

The campaign was launched with a video by US comedians Matt Ott, Jericho Davidson and Mike Albanese.

“So, what we want you to do if you’re watching this video is grab your closest friend, give him a kiss, then take a photo or video, and upload it using #KissesForKim, to let Kim know that she cannot win… and that we also love her and think she’s beautiful,” said the two men in the video, before locking lips (twice).

Ott, who identifies as straight, told Huffington Post that while their initiative is meant to be light-hearted, it’s no joke.

“There’s a lot of hate being thrown around. I think there’s a way to address people that you disagree with that can be civil. This is hopefully fun and civil.”

Davis, who spent five days in jail for defying court orders to do her job and issue same-sex marriage licenses, has become a hero to America’s Christian right-wing who believe that she’s a champion for “religious freedom”.

The #KissesForKim campaign has gained traction, with a host of men (and some women) posting their pictures on Twitter and Instagram. Check out a selection of images below and get kissing.






Fun in NOLA #nola #kissesforkim #southerdecadence

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This is just what society needed. #kissesforkim

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