The job at hand – celebrating Masturbation Month


its-masturbation-month-job-at-hand-gay-healthSeeing as May is Masturbation Month, here are some excellent reasons to keep spanking your monkey – and doing it often!

Educated people partake in self-pleasure more often than their less-educated counterparts, according to a National Health Survey’s findings obtained at the Kinsey Institute.

This is not surprising when you consider the fact that it’s a great form of safer sex, and that it even has some health benefits to add to the awesomeness that is an orgasm.

There’s a lot of guilt and negative associations that have been tacked onto performing the ‘five-finger-shuffle’, but it’s perfectly natural and you shouldn’t feel bad about this good feeling.

Playing with yourself has been found to release stress for a lot of people, as the body releases the neurotransmitter dopamine during the whole “shebang” and this then helps lower blood pressure and tension via hormonal tension release.

Jerking-off also causes you to release other chemicals that reinforce the immune system and build white blood cells, and the endorphins that you get when you climax are an excellent way to ease anxiety. When you show yourself some self-love in this physical way, you get a shot of prolactin in the body, and that can help you sleep better at night.

Bonus to touching yourself intimately on the regular is that it gives you a great opportunity to check your goods out, often. You can examine your testicles for nodules and texture inconsistencies that testicular cancer might present, and notice if you develop any other strange bumps, lumps or warts anywhere else on your man-zone.

It’s also a good time to scope out for weird freckles and birthmarks that change shape or colour, as this may be an indication of melanoma to watch out for. Often, the earlier we spot these things, the easier they are to treat at your nearest healthcare provider.

Regular ejaculation may be associated with lower incidences of prostate cancer, and this is believed to be due to the regular flushing of the prostate seminal fluid that is caused. (A recent study published by European Urology found that men who masturbate at least 21 times in a month were 19 to 22 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.)

Masturbation is relatively safe but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to keep your solo-love sessions incident free. If you’re circumcised, it may be a good idea to use lubricant to prevent skin irritation or chafing when you get whipped-up in the moment and forget to go gentle on your man parts.

If you use toys, make sure you keep them clean with non-abrasive soap and water, especially if you have a tendency to share them with others. Using a condom on your dildo is a fantastic way to ensure that you keep yourself safe and the toy clean.

How’s that for inspiration to take self-serving and self-sufficient matters into your own hands?

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