Alleged Durban Grindr scammer sought by police


Sugan Naiker

Sugan Naiker, a Durban man, is wanted by the police for allegedly conning men from around the country who he seduced on Grindr out of hundreds of thousand of rands.

Described as a “charmer” and a “silver-tongued Casanova” by the Sunday Times, the 35-year-old Naiker, formerly from Chatsworth, is on the run from the authorities and may be in Gauteng.

Although women are among his victims, he is accused of flirting with and convincing men to part with money under various pretences. These include offering them “special deals” on various opportunities and items, such as cars, jewellery and investments.

He is said to make use of dating sites, apps and social media platforms to connect with his alleged victims.

There are also claims that he asked some individuals to loan him money, and failed to pay the funds back. According to the Sunday Times there are at least eight active police cases linked to Naiker, and there is an active warrant for his arrest.

Speaking to the newspaper, which called him on his cellphone, Naiker refused to disclose his location but said he was working to pay off his debts. “Why should I hand myself over if I am going to pay back the money,” he asked.

Naiker added: “I am not a conman, I am trying to get my life on track.” He also insisted that he was not on any gay sites or services.

The Indian Spice website has been covering the allegations again Naiker for a number of years, and reported that it had worked with the SAPS to have him arrested in October 2017 in Boksburg, Gauteng.

“The LGBT community was also frequent targets of Naicker who pretended to be romantically attracted to them to engage their attention before presenting them with his get rich quick schemes,” stated the site last year,

Indian Spice has urged victims who have been scammed by the alleged fraudster to open cases against Sugan Naicker with the police and then contact IRS Forensic Investigations on 086 191 1477 and speak to Officer Enock Masingi.

Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) have been warned by the police and the Love Not Hate campaign to be wary of meeting with and easily trusting strangers on dating and hookup sites and apps. In May, a man fell to his death in Pretoria, possibly killed by a gang that had been targeting gay men through dating services. There have been reports of victims being blackmailed or forced to part with money and their possessions at gunpoint.

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