Loyiso Bala apologises to LGBTQ community for ‘homophobic’ tweet


Loyiso Bala (Pic: Twitter)

South African singer Loyiso Bala has apologised for a bizarre birthday tweet to his brother which suggested that God would judge him for being gay.

A week ago, Loyiso – who is a devout Christian – caused a social media storm when he tweeted birthday wishes to his younger sibling, Phelo, who is dating TV and social media star Moshe Ndiki.

“Blessed to have spent some quality time with my brother @PheloBala the past few weeks. As I said to him, ‘I’m in no position to judge u but to love you and to always point you to Christ. Your relationship with him will define your life’s purpose,‘” Loyiso said at the time.

Many were outraged by what they saw as a backhanded way of condemning Phelo’s homosexuality through Loyiso’s religious beliefs. The performer first appeared to defend his tweet but later made a dramatic U-turn.

On Tuesday, he finally attempted an apology. “On Sunday, I tweeted a post that offended the LGBTI community. I sincerely apologize as it was not my intention to hurt anyone, but to express my love for my brother. I am against all forms of discrimination and I support all who strive for equal rights and social justice,” said Loyiso.

He admitted to the Sunday Times that it took him a while to understand why people were offended by the post. He also revealed that he had “always known” about Phelo’s sexuality.

“The Bible has the final authority over my life but it doesn’t teach us to reject those who have different beliefs. Everyone should be allowed to love whoever they want to,” he said.

Loyiso added that he loves his brother, with whom he performs as part of The Bala Brothers, unconditionally.

Both Phelo and Moshe have declined to comment about the furore.

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