Comedian Kevin Meyer resumes homophobic jokes


Kevin Meyer (Pic: Facebook)

Despite a public backlash, Facebook bans and complaints to the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), Johannesburg comedian Kevin Meyer is continuing to make and instigate homophobic comments on social media.

After being blocked from Facebook, on 3 November, he posted on one of his profiles: “Jeeeeesus !! 1 month FB jail !! Ok lets make some fucking gay jokes again.”

This sparked a long discussion with his fans, which included a host of offensive remarks. When asked by a follower why he’d been banned, Meyer said, “cause i used the F word for gay.. il admit it was out of anger and wasnt meant..”

When he complained that Facebook does not protect his “personal freedom of speech”, his fans responded with supportive comments using the words “PHEGGITS” and “phags”.

Meyer himself then wrote: “lol i think phags are like a box of chocolates most are nice but there’s 1 or 2 that are just like waaaat the fuuuuuck”. He added: “i dont have anything against LGBTQXZY or any1 really but it works out for me when they get sad and start crying to media lol.”

Dean van der Westhuizen responded to Meyer by writing: “Honestly the classic gays are the funniest, stylish over dramatic Queens .I’m cool if someone’s gay but don’t start getting touchy feely ,I’ll knock you the fuck out ;your sexual orientation doesn’t give you a free pass.”

A few days later, Meyer revealed that he had once again been blocked by Facebook. “Jail again LOL fuuuck FB really… but it’s ok evolution happens in uncomfortable situations, Watch this space..”

The relatively unknown comic made waves in early October after he was blasted for posting ‘jokes’ that trade off cheap stereotypes about LGBTQ people, women and other groups. He was criticised in the media and subsequently dumped by MTV from its Guy Code South Africa show.

The controversy and attention, however, only seems to have grown his profile and fueled his defiance.

Martin Meyer (no relation), a DA Member of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature, was among those who lodged a complaint against the comedian with the SAHRC.

“I took the matter of Kevin Meyer further not to punish him or to stifle his humour but to help him understand that words are powerful and that he has the power to hurt,” he told MambaOnline.

“With suicide among young members of the LGBTIQ community being so high, this is something I am passionate about. Sadly it seems like so many people that hold racist, sexist or homophobic views he has now just become entrenched and sees himself as some sort of fighter against political correctness.”

The politician said he would contact the SAHRC about the latest posts but added that “ultimately, I would want to sit down with Kevin, and have an open and frank discussion with him. Let’s talk. Let’s see if we can find each other.”

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