Lyle Anthony celebrates love and inclusion


Lyle Anthony is making waves in the USA

South African Popstars winner Lyle Anthony, who’s now living in Los Angeles, has dropped a new queer-affirming music video for his single, My Forever.

Lyle first made a name for himself more than 10 years ago when he won the 2010 South African edition of the international TV franchise, Popstars.

He’s currently pursuing a career as a performing artist, singer/songwriter and personality in the City of Angels.

My Forever is a celebration of inclusion and love and is based on Lyle’s own journey of soul searching and finding the beauty in self-love and self-acceptance. The music video is a story of his dating life, figuring out his sexuality and embracing his journey of love.

The video features some of Los Angeles’s finest entertainers, including Miss Shalae, Barbies Addiction, saxophonist B. Thompson and a team of LGBTQ inclusive professional dancers who’ve danced for the likes of Lady Gaga.

The song is produced by Carl Seanté who has produced music for Tamar Braxton, Todrick Hall, Ciara and Nicole Scherzinger, to name a few. The music video was produced by Lyle himself and directed by Brad Hammer with creative direction and choreography by Chris Pitsicalis.

My Forever follows the release of Lyle’s debut single earlier this year, titled Love Wins, which is about “all different types of love, love through inclusion, self-love, self-acceptance and how through love we can win again.”

Since winning Popstars, the Johannesburg-born artist has been travelling and performing on stages around the world, including at the 2010 World Cup and headlining shows on cruise ships. “I’m so blessed to be able to follow my dreams and so grateful for this moment,” Lyle Anthony says.

As for the future? “I have plans to travel around the world promoting and performing my song once borders reopen, hoping to perform at Pride events across the globe.”

“I’d also want to positively influence the younger LGBT community, and aspiring performers to be whoever they are and love themselves wholeheartedly,” Lyle adds.

Watch My Forever below.

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