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WHATEVER…: Young gay men are becoming increasingly complacent about HIV and AIDS. Is it because treatment is available or could deeper issues related to our identity and self-worth be at play, asks psychologist Jacques Livingston.
MY FATHER AND I: Having a more troubled relationship with your father, compared to your mother, seems to be a common experience shared by many gay men. Psychologist Jacques Livingston is researching this phenomenon…
HIV & PEP: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Few have heard of PEP, but this controversial treatment could be effective in reducing your chances of becoming infected with HIV after exposure to the virus.
MANHANDLING YOUR MAN-HANDLE: May is Masturbation Month. It may seem silly, but this provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of cranking your own love pump, writes Jacques Livingston.
WHAT ARE WE DOING?: As 2009 draws to a close, Jacques Livingston, the Sexual Health Manager at OUT is alarmed at how much misinformation there is among gay people about their risk behavior.
THE MAN IN THE MIRROR: Have you heard of ‘internalised homophobia?’ Are you familiar with this term? You should be as it may be impacting on your life in significant ways.
MEN STAYING HEALTHY: PT 2: We continue to mark Men’s Health Month this June with "Cancer Facts for Men". It's a must-read for any man who is interested in staying informed and healthy.
MEN STAYING HEALTHY: PT 1: To mark Men’s Health Month this June, we take a look at the tricky issue of why men tend to avoid dealing with their health issues.
IT’S ONLY SEX, RIGHT?: Most people simply deny the concept of sexual addiction. This is especially true for a minority of gay men, who are often reluctant to acknowledge that they have a problem.
HIGHER, LONGER, FASTER…MORE: The use of recreational drugs while having sex is not a new phenomenon. Powders, liquids and pills have all been used to attain and sustain sexual pleasure for centuries.