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Things I’ve learned in my thirties: I am now closer to my forties than what I am to my twenties. It’s kind of depressing because I still don’t always feel or
WE GOT “THE CALL”: After an agonising 10-month wait, it finally happened. This week we got “the call.” The call we were hoping and waiting for. The
NO, I DON’T WANT TO FRIEND YOUR C***K: I’ve been on Facebook for longer than most people’s relationships; for longer than most stay at the same job. And I’ve learned that there are people on Facebook who have very serious mental problems.
SPRING AND MY FAT-ASS DIET: Allergies, buzzing bees and mating birds are not the only things that spring brings, writes Pierre Le Roux. It’s also that time of the year to look in the mirror for a reality check…
THE POISONED ANNIVERSARY: Our 14 year anniversary was a couple of weeks ago. We planned to have a ridiculously expensive meal at a French restaurant and then have some romantic sexy time. But, that’s not exactly what happened…
RISE OF THE GAY PAGEANTS: What’s up with all these damn gay pageants? Isn’t just being a regular queen enough? Do we really need to justify our queerness with crowns, tiaras and sashes? asks Pierre Le Roux.
GOOD FENCES, GOOD NEIGHBOURS?: Pierre Le Roux and his husband moved into the ‘burbs, but have found that not everything is sunshine and roses, afternoon tea and raunchy pool parties...
FAIRY GODPARENTS: Faced with straight friends either trying to fall pregnant or being “with child” Pierre le Roux wonders if he and his bubby should get in on the act, or simply remain “fairy godparents”.
I SEE DEAD (STRAIGHT) PEOPLE: Pierre Le Roux reveals that when he and his husband bought a new home they got more than they bargained for; being haunted by a cranky, homophobic ghost!
AM I A STEPFORD FAG?: As he measures how his life has changed since his twenties and how different it is from what he expected it to be, Pierre Le Roux asks: Have I become a Stepford Fag?