New Superman too well-hung…

The world is clearly neither a fair nor equitable place. Hollywood execs have no issue about throwing large-breasted starlets at audiences, but when an actor is “too” well-endowed then it’s time to bring in the airbrushes. Sources say that the hunky star of the new Superman movie, 26 year old Brandon Routh, is worrying Warner Bros heads because he has a too-large lunchbox. It seems that all is revealed in the caped crusader’s skin-tight outfit, and the fear is that the ponderous package may distract audiences. There’s talk that the super-bulge may be reduced digitally before the film’s release next year – on orders from the studio. What? Are big breasts not distracting? It seems more likely that the studio bosses in question have inferiority complexes about their own manhood. Who’s for starting a petition to leave Clark Kent’s jewels alone?

Colin Farell doing well in rehab

Another allegedly well-hung Hollywood star is Colin Farrel. The 30 year old sex-symbol recently checked himself into rehab after completing production on the big-screen version of Miami Vice (is this something the world really needs?). And according to his pal, actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Farrel is doing rather well, thank you very much. Rhys-Meyers told the Mirror, “I’m glad he’s looking after himself. He is well and happy now and getting better every day – so I’m very happy for him.” While Farrel’s publicist claimed that he was merely being treated for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication following a back injury, many speculate that the big-time Irish party-boy, could well be in rehab for other substances.

The dirt on Elton’s Hen Night!

Sir Elton John finally tied the knot to long-time partner David Furnish on Wednesday, but the low key event paled in comparison to his debauched ‘hen night’ party, themed “Gang Bang”, earlier this at the week at Too2Much nightclub in London. The Soho bash was attended by all manner of celebrities like Sharon Osbourne, Elizabeth Hurley, Bryan Adams and Gary Barlow, and included video messages from a still-ailing Kylie and former US president Bill Clinton. While reports say that John himself only drank non-alcoholic drinks, other guests got merrily plastered. A Mirror source says that chat show host “Graham Norton could hardly stand up and Jake Shears got so drunk he stripped naked in the middle of the room”. Apparently John slated Madonna for neither performing at the party nor attending; telling the partygoers “Madonna, the miserable cow, wouldn’t do it. David asked her three times”. Well, what do you expect after you make regular comments dissing the girl! Revellers were requested to give donations to AIDS charities in lieu of gifts. Mambaonline wishes the happy couple a long and happy marriage!

George Michael turned down Diana’s advances

In a distinct show of bad taste, George Michael has revealed that the late Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997, wanted a sexual relationship with him. In an interview with Britain’s Independent Arts and Books magazine, he said that “there were certain things that happened that made it clear she was very attracted to me. There was no question”. Michael, also said that their relationship was never the same after he turned her down and admitted feeling guilty for not staying in touch because he was avoiding her. “She was very like a lot of women who’ve been attracted to me because they see something non-threatening,” said the openly gay singer. Hmm. Some things really should be kept to yourself…

Boy George’s day in court delayed

You can add stupidity to Boy George’s failings (along with a truly appalling dress sense – enough with the damn hats already!). The Eighties pop-star-turned-DJ (real name George O’Dowd), has been given a temporary reprieve by a New York judge, who has postponed his scheduled court appearance until next year February. This will give the star the opportunity to fulfil work commitments in England. George was due to appear on charges of drug possession. The charges came about after he called 911 to report a possible burglary at his Manhattan apartment in October. While investigating the scene, Police found a small amount of cocaine ‘somer’ lying next to his computer. He was promptly arrested, and released the next day. Umm, a word of wisdom, Mr O’Dowd: be discreet with the narcotics when you invite the authorities over.

Moby aims for the stars…

Moby is aiming to be the first pop star to make it into space. Reports say that the musician and producer has booked a seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flights venture. The price, a mere £115,000! But that’s a pittance compared to what some were prepared to cough up for the honour. In 2002, ’N Sync singer Lance Bass went through cosmonaut training to be the first entertainer in space. Ultimately he and his backers failed to come up with the $20 million fee and he was booted off the Russian Soyuz flight to the international space station. Other stars that have expressed interest in flying into space include guitarist Dave Navarro and Robbie Williams. The first Virgin Galactic flight is scheduled for 2010. Start saving now!

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