The 18 year old suspect in an attack on a gay bar in a Massachusetts has been captured and killed in a bloody shoot-out which left two other people dead.

Jacob Robida was on the run after he entered Puzzles Lounge, a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, late on Wednesday night, had two drinks and allegedly attacked two patrons with a hatchet. He is said to then have pulled out a gun, shot the same two men and a third man. The victims were hospitalised, and one remains in a critical condition.

A manhunt ensued for Robida on three counts of attempted murder and hate crimes. He was stopped on Saturday by a policeman, Jim Sell, in Norfork, Arkansas – almost 2000 kilometres away – apparently as part of a routine traffic check. As Sell approached the car, Robida shot him twice, killing him.

Robida was then pursued by other officers in a car chase. He opened fire on the police through his windshield and shot and killed a female passenger in one of the officer’s cars.

Robida himself was then shot twice in the head and was admitted in a critical condition to a Springfield, Missouri hospital. He subsequently died of his injuries. Police have not yet been able to explain why the deceased woman, whose name has not been released, was in the officer’s car.

While no reason for Robida’s alleged attack in the bar has been given, he was described by neighbours as a racist and decorated his room with swastikas. Police also found Nazi paraphernalia and anti-Semitic writings at his home.

Scott Lang, the mayor of New Bedford, personally went to Puzzles Lounge to announce that Robida had been caught. The patrons greeted the news with applause.

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