Oscar Vanity Fair party dirt

Without a doubt, the hottest post-Oscar party this year was the annual Vanity Fair bash. As usual, the event was a good indicator of who’s hot and who’s not in celeb-ville. Perhaps this may be a sign that we’re all getting a little bored of Miss Hilton, but many were surprised to learn that the former A-list sex tape heiress was refused a spot on the guest list – which was limited to 500 guests – apparently because she’s no longer famous enough. And to add insult to injury, former friend Nicole Richie was invited. It must be quite a shock for the professional party girl. It’s even more surprising seeing as Paris was a Vanity Fair cover girl last year. There was also guest list trouble for Pamela Anderson who arrived with photographer David LaChapelle and celebrity transsexual Amanda Lepore. She was told that could only bring in one guest, and so decided to go elsewhere rather than ditch a friend. Bless. Someone who most certainly was on the guest list was Madonna. TV star Suzanne Somers had just hit the red carpet, when photographers spotted Madge arriving behind her. Summers was utterly ignored as the paparzi rushed to turn their lenses on the pop icon, who arrived husband in tow, looking particularly buff (training for her upcoming tour most likely) in a contrastingly feminine pink frock. Summers reportedly quipped to Madonna’s hubby Guy Ritchie, “You certainly don’t ever want to arrive at a party at the same time as your wife.” Words of wisdom indeed.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s a fun drunk!

In other Oscar related gossip; Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have prematurely drowned his sorrows for not landing the best supporting actor Academy Award, at a party held the day before the big night itself. Sitting at a table with Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee, he made sure that he was included hamming it up in just about every picture taking of the director. He looks like a fun kind of guy – even when he’s drunk. No news on whether he chose to get equally or even more inebriated after the injustice of the Oscars. If he did, we completely understand. We were tempted ourselves. Check out the pics here.

Boy George avoids jail time…

George O’Dowd, aka eighties pop-star Boy George, has managed to avoid jail time on drug charges in a Manhattan court. He negotiated a plea bargain with prosecutors that will see him enter a drug rehabilitation program, perform community service and pay a $1000 fine, in return for pleading guilty on a lesser charge. He was in court on charges of possession of cocaine after police found a stash in his New York apartment. At the time he claimed that he had no idea how the drugs had landed up in his home. A relieved Boy George said in a statement issued to journalists after the ruling that, “I am…happy that this case has been disposed of, and would like to thank the judge, the district attorney and my attorney, Lou Freeman, for the fair and speedy way it was dealt with.” Had he not made the plea bargain, he could have faced up to five and half years in prison. It seems that the authorities didn’t “really want to hurt” him after all. [Groan – Ed]

Another celeb nudie scandal (Yay!)

Admittedly, we’ve also never hear of the US band Fall Out Boy either, but you’ll be intrigued to learn that their rather dishy bassist Pete Wentz’s nude antics have ensured that we now have. Amateur-style self-portraits of the star in sexy poses, complete with him tugging at his rather attractive manhood, have been leaked online. Now one could question the intelligence of the never-ending stream of celebs who seem to spend much of their time taking dirty pictures of themselves, or acknowledge that there’s often no faster way of grabbing the spotlight. Check out the photos in question here.

Madonna’s awkward parenting moment

It seems that Madonna’s kissing of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera a few years ago at the MTV music awards led to her daughter Lourdes getting a little concerned about her mom. Madonna told gay magazine Out, in it’s April issue, that after the event, Lourdes asked if she was gay. Madonna’s explanation to her worried daughter: “I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star. I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her.” In the interview, she also finally commented on Elton John’s regular jibes at her, including his claim that she mimed on stage. “He did send me a letter apologising for his last outburst, right before his wedding. But he seems to be angry. I seem to have become a target. It’s not very gentlemanly or gracious,” she sighed.

Britney Spears on Will & Grace

When in the midst of career meltdown, what is a former pop superstar to do, other than to turn to her gay audience for help? This it seems is the case with 24 year old Britney Spears. Battling rumours of a disintegrating marriage and ongoing weight problems, (could the two be connected?), the singer, who is recording her next album, has chosen to make an appearance on Will & Grace. “I’ve loved that show forever and I’ve seen people go on the show, so when they asked me it was an honour,” said Britney. She appears in the episode Buy Buy Baby along with recently out the closet Star Trek star George Takei as a guest on Jack’s talk show, Jack Talk. The episode airs in the US at the end of the month.

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