Brandon Routh: Star of Tomorrow

The impressive new Superman, Brandon Routh, has been named the male “star of tomorrow” at a high profile convention of cinema owners in Las Vegas. The 26 year old actor – who originally aimed to become a writer – was tending bars to make ends meet before he was picked to play the man of steel in the upcoming blockbuster. In a new interview with VMan magazine, Brandon was asked how he feels about Superman being a “gay icon”. The hunk, who has been at the centre of rumours about his sexuality, replied that, “He’s a heterosexual icon as well. Females lust after him just like males. I think even heterosexual men look up to him and think, Wow, he’s a handsome man. I’d like to be like that. If they don’t, we’re doing something wrong, I suppose.” And surprisingly, he reveals that he wasn’t even asked to take his shirt off when auditioning for the role by openly gay director Bryan Singer. “They could tell I was big enough and they could train me,” he explains in the interview. Well, we believe him. Superman Returns is set to open in South Africa in early July.

No Sex And The City movie

Sarah Jessica Parker has dashed fans’ hopes that a Sex And The City movie might still come about – revealing how close the film actually came to being made. She told FemaleFirst in an interview that, “We all wanted to do a movie but I think that time has passed. There was a script, there were sets, there were costumes, there was a crew, and that’s all gone now. The sets are all broken down or sold or in a dumpster or, I don’t know, on eBay. It’d be hard to buy it back. All the shoes, we have. We all have our shoes and they can have them back.” Co-star Kim Cattrall was blamed for causing the project to collapse after she decided that she didn’t want to do it. Sarah Jessica Parker is flying high in the States with her new movie, Failure to Launch, with Matthew McConaughey, which has been a hit at the box office (although critics haven’t been very kind). Hmm, wonder what Kim’s up to these days…

KZN Men voted the best

Anybody in the house from Durban? According to a recent survey by Sterling Light beer, men from the province of Kwazulu-Natal have been rated as the best in South Africa. Apparently they are considered more handsome and better dressed than other South African men. KZN’s men got 43% of the vote for the most handsome, compared to Capetonians (31%) and guys from Gauteng (16%). The coastal province also scooped the best dressed title. Men from Cape Town were however considered the most evolved in the country, with 81% of the vote; KZN the runner up with 71%. Three hundred men and women were polled around the country. Sterling Light huh? A case of ‘beer goggles” perhaps?

Will Young, the ballet star

Will Young in ballet leggings? Uggh. He may be rather cute, but that’s not an image we much relish to be honest. Well, brace yourself: The pop star has told The Sun tabloid that he is partaking in ballet classes three times a week to keep fit. “The gym is so boring. Ballet keeps me toned and I really enjoy it,” he said, adding that, “I’m the only guy there. With my leggings and ballet shoes I’m a real Billy Elliot.” Quite. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to be treated to a performance in his next music video.

Boyzone’s Stephen Gately ‘marries’ boyfriend

Former Boyzone singer, 30 year old Stephen Gately, has tied the knot with his long-time boyfriend, Internet entrepreneur Andy Cowles. The two took advantage of the UK’s new same-sex civil partnership rights to finally wed. While the couple had previously performed a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas a few years ago, they’ve now made it official in their homeland. Their moms and some of Stephen’s former bandmates, Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch, were in attendance at the private ceremony at a hotel near Buckingham Palace. Our best wished to the happy couple! Don’t the bridegrooms look cute? (Good to see that Stephen’s lost some weight).

Clay in big gay trouble. (Well, sort of)

In case you hadn’t heard, a group of fans of American-Idol-contestant-turned-relatively-successful-popstar Clay Aiken have filed a legal complaint against his record company after revelations that he may be gay. While Clay has insisted he is straight, recent graphic claims of steamy sex between him and another man, who he apparently met on an Internet chat room, have infuriated his fans who feel that they’ve been fooled. On Larry King Live, American Idol judge Simon Cowell called the fans “crazy”, but they’ve been quick to respond in a statement: “We have been dismayed to see our complaint characterised in the media as homophobic. That is not our intention and while central to our complaint it is regrettable that Mr. Aiken’s sexuality has come under scrutiny. Our complaint is not about defaming Mr. Aiken or his sexual preferences. It is directed toward the deceptive practices of the record companies… This is part of a culture of institutional deception behind James Frye, Jason Blair, ENRON, Milli Vanilli, Ashley Simpson and now Clay Aiken. We believe that it is the difference between private behaviour versus public responsibility.” Yes, it’s true, Americans are crazy. All of them. Must be the water.

The new naked Bond?

Daniel Craig seems intent on causing mayhem among James Bond fans. They’re already up in arms that he’s been “inappropriately” cast, but now rumours that he may appear in the buff in the new Casino Royale film may result in a collective apoplexy. Reports say that Daniel and his co-star Eva Green will shoot a series of scenes that may push the boundaries of what we’ve seen of the British spy – including full frontal nudity. In our expert opinion, this is most likely publicity nonsense simply aimed at helping to hype the film, and any nudity that may be there will be very, very discreet. Then again, we’re all for Bond showing us just how much of a man he really is. Craig is no stranger to onscreen nudity (see pic on right) and in our opinion boasts the best James Bond body to date. Shaken or stirred?

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