Nick Lachey bares his soul

Hunky singer Nick Lachey has spilled the beans about his failed marriage to actress and singer and Jessica Simpson. The duo came into the public eye during the run of the MTV reality show Newlyweds, which followed their daily lives as a famous married couple. Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, Nick says that he never wanted the divorce and that, although the relationship has been floundering, he was “blindsided” when his more successful wife said that she wanted one. He added that he tried to change her mind. He also admits to struggling to deal with the uncertainties of her rumoured adultery: Jessica was linked to a number of men – including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and singer Adam Levine – towards the end of their marriage. During the interview Nick apparently cried a number of times. He wouldn’t discuss the role that Jessica’s father, Joe Simpson, said to be controlling and domineering in his daughters’ lives, played in the split. “It breaks my heart that I couldn’t make Jessica happy… I’d marry her all over again. Because I still love her. It would be a lot easier to walk away if I didn’t,” he says. He adds, “People forget we’re real people dealing with real hurt. This wasn’t some publicity stunt. This wasn’t some scripted-for-reality-television romantic tragedy. It’s my real life, you know?” Predictably, Nick is launching a new album in the wake of the teary interview. Nevertheless, we do have a soft spot for a man in touch with his emotions. Anyone willing to volunteer to console the poor boy? We thought so…

Kylie out and about

It’s heartening to hear that Kylie Minogue is being seen out and about in public, looking happier and healthier than ever. The diminutive Australian pop-star has been recovering from breast cancer, which led her to cancel her last tour. Still growing her hair back, she’s been spotted in Paris and most recently in New York. Word is that Kylie has beaten the cancer and is keen to get back in the studio. Sister Dannii, meanwhile, has recorded a song, So Under Pressure, said to be inspired by Kylie’s illness, leading some to comment that she’s cashing in on her more famous sibling’s bad fortune. Gossip-mongering aside we’re just happy to see Kylie on the road to recovery.

George Michael a dopehead?

Poor Georgie. He could do with some positive headlines. First he was arrested on drug possession charges in London in February, and then he crashed his car into three others while trying to park it in the capital last week. And now a friend has gabbed to the British tabloids about George’s pot smoking habits. According to Toby Bourke, apparently a former friend, the openly gay singer smokes so much marijuana that it had “destroyed his career”. Talking to the Mirror, Bourke said that “Drugs have turned him into a stoned waster and made him depressed. Dope is his poison. Dope destroyed his will to work. When you smoke as much as George has done you simply cease to function. Cannabis has wrecked his career. All that dope put paid to it. I don’t think you’ll see much more work from him. He is basically lazy – and it is all the cannabis he’s smoked that has made him like that.” Interestingly, according to George’s website he is actually working on new material – although he had said that he was retiring. He’s also announced his first tour in fifteen years, set to start in September in Madrid, and insists that he’s doing just fine. He also plans to “marry” long-time partner Kenny Goss under Britain’s new same-sex civil partnerships laws.

Janet sheds her many pounds

She may have been more teletubby than sexy pop singer just a few weeks ago, but Janet Jackson has again revealed the strength of her ambitious drive by losing weight at an impressive rate. With plans for a new album release, it’s been said that record company bosses were not keen on a lardy Janet gracing the CD cover. She’s been seen visiting the gym regularly and all the hard work has paid off. She’s not quite Nicole Ritchie thin just yet (and we hope she stays that way), but she’s looking dramatically svelter. We suppose the weight lose effort isn’t hurt by being able to afford an army of personal trainers and live-in chefs. We’re not jealous. No, really!

Will and Grace part forever

It was a sad occasion for millions around the world as the happy couple, Will and Grace, finally parted ways forever. The hit television sitcom about a gay man and his ‘fag-hag’ flat mate has come to an end after eight years of entertaining and enlightening. While the show had lost its spark in recent years, and was overly sensitive in its depiction of gay life, it nevertheless has played a part in growing mainstream acceptance of gay people. The emotional cast – including Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes, Shelly Morrison and Bobby Cannavale – took their bows after completing the final shoot day last week. The special length 45 minute episode will be screened in the US on May 18.

Everyone’s talking about…

Ricky Martin’s belly button ring. Okay, well maybe it’s not front page news, but we thought you’d enjoy this picture anyway…

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