Matthew McConaughey works out on beach

Breaking news! Uhh… Matthew McConaughey works out topless on the beach this week. ‘Cause we can…

Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes comes out

It’s been a busy week for celebrities and all things gay. First Oprah Winfrey denied that she’s gay, then Nelly Furtado announced that she also rather likes girls. Now, Savage Garden’s former lead vocalist, Darren Hayes, has finally publicly come out the closet, and married his boyfriend in one fell swoop. The Australian singer tied the knot in a civil ceremony in London last month. “As so many of you have given me your heart and soul over the past 10 years I thought it only fitting that I too return the respect and inform you of the most significant event in my life,” he wrote on his official website. He revealed that, “On June 19th 2006 I married my boyfriend of two years, Richard (Cullen), in a civil partnership ceremony in London. I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life.” Darren will be recording his next solo album in London over the next few months. Mambaonline wishes the happy couple all the best.

Will Young’s marriage plans

And speaking of gay marriage… Don’t worry, Will Young hasn’t set a date yet, but the British singer and Pop Idol winner has revealed that he would like to marry the man of his dreams one day, just like Elton John. He’s been quoted by The Sun newspaper on the subject of getting married as saying, “Now that I’ve been to several weddings I think I would, if I met the right person and wanted everybody else to share in it.” While Will is reportedly in a relationship, there’s been no word on whether he might be ‘Mr. Right’.

Lance Bass and Reichen’s romance?

Lance Bass, the 27 year old heartthrob from the once mightily popular boyband *NSYNC has been at the centre of rumours about his sexuality. He’s been vacationing in popular US homo hotspot Provincetown, and has been spotted with gay Amazing Race star Reichen Lehmkuhl at the Atlantic House gay bar. There’s talk that two men are romantically linked, while other reports claim that they’ve both been seen snogging other men (perhaps they’re in an ‘open’ relationship?). Both Lance and Reichen’s spokespeople have declined to comment on the reports. While he has not publicly acknowledged being gay, Lance has been described by some media pundits as “openly closeted”. We can’t help but wonder what former band mate, Justin Timberlake thinks of all this.

Justin’s drug confessions

Perhaps Justin is concerned with other matters, what with a spanking new solo album about to be released (or “dropped”, as they say in the ‘biz’)… The sexy singer, and aspiring actor, who is doing promotional work for the CD, has come clean about his drug use in a recent interview with the Observer Music Monthly. “The drugs that I do have been done in my own private time… I’ve never been arrested – though that’s not to say that I won’t. I’ve done way too many drugs already. I’ve already inhaled and I’ve already – who knows?”, he said. He went on to add that, “They always say too much of a good thing could be a bad thing. I try to live my life in a well-rounded manner. We all make mistakes. I’m just like everyone else – I get completely plastered, I’ve done my fair share of drugs and been caught places with my pants down. It’s just that I make sure there are no cameras around.” While he’s refused to be specific about which drugs he’s taken, we applaud the boy wonder for his openness in the face of the usual celebrity hypocrisy on the subject. Listen to Justin’s brand new single on his website: www.justintimberlake.com.

Culture Club replaces Boy George

What a strange world we live in. Who thought that Culture Club, the massively successful eighties pop band – then headed by Boy George – still existed as a going concern? Well, apparently it does. The re-united band will be soon embarking on a tour and have found a replacement singer for Boy Gorge, who probably has better things to do with his time (like performing court-ordered community service). Known only as Sam, the mysterious new singer will be revealed at their first performance next week.

Superman’s super tantrum

London’s Daily Mail has reported that the stunning new star of the Superman films, Brandon Routh, had a fit about his bad makeup at a recent engagement. Brandon was apparently upset that his makeup artist left him looking pale and drawn – compared to his tanned co-star Kate Bosworth – at a press conference. The Mail quoted an aid who remarked, “To say that Brandon was livid with his make-up is an understatement.” It’s said that a new emergency supply of makeup was flown in to London for the actor’s subsequent appearance at the Superman Returns premiere.

Colin’s new clean living ways

Colin Farrell, the wild Irish Hollywood bad boy, claims to have changed his ways. The star of the upcoming big budget feature film version of Miami Vice, in an interview about his stint in rehab late last year, told the Daily Mirror that, “It just caught up with me. It was a long time coming but I had my arse handed to me on a plate. Now I haven’t had a drink for six months.” The father of two year old James added that, “Now I want to watch my son grow up, be his friend and his father, and hang around with him. So he’s the greatest priority in my life.” On the subject of his love life he commented, “I don’t have a better half or significant other… It’s better for me, at 30, to be on my own.” Agg shame. We disagree Colin. We really do…

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