A column by veteran South African journalist Jon Qwelane describing gays as “unnatural” has sparked outrage within the gay community.

Discussing the current debate on legalising same-sex marriages in South Africa, Qwelane writes that, “To date, I have not encountered logical and sensible counter-arguments by those who maintain that a woman should be allowed to marry another woman, and a man be allowed to marry another man.”

He accuses proponents of same-sex marriage as being “emotionally-charged” and “with nothing worthwhile to argue”.

Qwelane adds that since gay and lesbian relationships do not lead to procreation, “it is rather illogical for same-sex unions to exist, as such arrangements fly in the face of nature.”

He further cites biblical texts, saying that they, “also show how great a sin homosexuality is in God’s eye!”

While Qwelane oddly enough admits that “I like homosexuals”, he’d prefer they not form part of his family, stating that if his son or daughter came out as gay that, “YES, I would condemn and disown them if they turned out to be homosexuals.”

The article was originally published in the Sunday Sun and has been republished on News24, one of the country’s most widely read online publications. To read the full article, click here.

Qwelane’s long career in journalism, which has also included hosting radio shows, has been marked by controversy. He has been the subject of numerous hate speech complaints to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, and was suspended for using “abusive” language on-air on Radio 702.

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