Jerusalem’s LGBT community has agreed to cancel Friday’s gay pride parade amid growing concerns about violence from the ultra orthodox Haredi sect.

Immense pressure from Jewish, Islamic and Christian religious groups – including the Vatican – has been maintained on the city’s authorities to cancel the event.

The agreement was made between the event organisers, orthodox leaders and the authorities. The deal will however see a rally being held by the organisers instead of a parade. They also agreed to not request permission for another parade for the rest of the year.

In return, the Haredi leaders have agreed not to hold a demonstration which sought to condemn gays. The group has been at the forefront of over a week’s worth of violent riots in protest against the parade.

Police had expressed concern about ensuring security at the parade. Last year’s Jerusalem Pride Parade was marred by the stabbing of three people by Shai Schlissel, a member of the Haredi sect, who was imprisoned for the attack.

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