A Cape Town politician says that he will ask police to investigate the man behind the Crime Expo website, alleged to be the leader of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA).

The Crime Expo website – founded by a certain Neil Watson – caused an international stir when it controversially warned off tourists from visiting South Africa by highlighting sensational criminal incidents.

Warnings on the site included statements such as, “We call on international tourists not to arrive at Cape Town International Airport as routes from there are a death trap. Like others, you might have your skull crushed with your brains splashed all over your vehicle within minutes after leaving the airport.”

It’s since been alleged by various newspapers – led by The Citizen – that Neil Watson is an alias of Juan Uys, who is best know as the leader of the GLA. The GLA – which claimed to represent the gay community – was responsible for numerous outrageous statements and claims, which were often reported verbatim by the media.

The GLA has been repeatedly discredited by legitimate LGBT organisations and is believed to be nothing more than a “one-man” show consisting of Juan Uys and various aliases. It’s also been alleged that Uys has been implicated in illegal activities – including possession of child pornography.

The Crime Expo website, which solicited money from the public, has since been shut down – apparently due to racist comments posted on the site – and the Independent Democrat’s Simon Grindrod says that he wants police to investigate the site’s owner.

Visitors to the site are now met with a notice stating that, “This Account Has Been Suspended.” Grindrod alleges that Watson / Uys has run off with money stolen from the public.

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