Ricky Martin shows off his Speedo

While some of us might be bitter about not being able to afford celebrity-style exotic holidays, we’re probably inclined to forgive and forget when the celeb in question is Ricky Martin – and especially if he’s not wearing much at all. The Living La Vida Loca singer was spotted by the paparazzi on vacation basking in the sun. Enjoy…

While Cindy shows her true colours

Eighties pop-star Cindy Lauper, who is still putting out the odd CD and remains a favourite of the gays, is giving something back to her fans. The singer will embark on a 15 city tour across the United States in support of LGBT rights. She’ll be joined by other luminaries including Debbie Harry and Erasure on the True Colours 2007 Tour. The tour will contribute one dollar for every ticket sold to the Human Rights Campaign – a US based LGBT rights organisation. “I was raised to believe that all people have the right to live with the same dignity, opportunity and safety. This should include everyone no matter what gender or sexual orientation”, said Cindy. We couldn’t agree more!

Ellen to get hitched?

It’s been reported that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi might be getting “married”. According to the National Enquirer, the couple could tie the knot in June – when Ellen’s show takes a break – at their California home. This came after Portia apparently grilled her girlfriend on the future of the relationship shortly after Ellen hosted the Oscars. The Enquirer’s source says that, “They’re still discussing a honeymoon location, but at this point Portia would just be happy at home enjoying their estate.”

Simon to Ryan: Come out the closet!

Ryan Seacrest has been at the centre of rumours about his sexuality ever since he started hosting American Idol. The sexy presenter has denied that he’s gay, but many simply refuse to believe him. Things got interesting this week on the popular talent search show when judge Simon Cowell urged Ryan to “come out” of the closet. The comment came when Ryan was talking to one of the female contestants about her wardrobe during a live broadcast of American Idol. He then turned to Simon and asked “Simon, any advice on the high heels?”. The judge replied, “You should know, Ryan,” to which the host responded, “Stay out of my closet, Simon.” Simon retorted with, “Well, come out.” It was all said in jest, but Ryan seemed a little unsettled by the jibe. And it certainly hasn’t helped convince many of us that the oh-so-cute presenter is actually straight. Could Simon Cowell know something we don’t?

More Idols scandal

And speaking of American Idol, the show has been hit by yet another scandal. A former 2005 finalist – Mario Vasquez – has been accused of sexually harassing a former male assistant accountant for the programme’s production company. Magdaleno Olmos claims that Mario followed him into a toilet on the Idol set, masturbated in front of him and requested oral sex. Mario quit the show – citing “personal reasons” at around the time the incident was said to have happened. Magdaleno also claims that he was fired after reporting the alleged harassment to his bosses. Mario has neither commented about his sexuality nor the alleged incident – although gossip blogs have often reported rumours that he is gay.

Movie Hunk gossip – part 1

While movie fans eagerly await the release of the third Spiderman movie – starring Tobey Maguire – it’s been rumoured that studio bosses have already identified a replacement for the actor – the even hunkier Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s not yet known if Tobey will want to star in a fourth film – he nearly pulled out of the last chapter because of an injury – but they’re preparing for his possible exit. Intriguingly, it’s also been rumoured that Jake is also being considered for the role of another superhero – Captain Marvel from the Shazam! comics. Should either of these roles be filled by Mr Gyllenhaal we’ll have the unique pleasure of eying him in a tight-fitting spandex outfit. Now that’s something to look forward to…

Movie Hunk gossip – part 2

Daniel Craig’s stunning flesh-baring moments – his exit from the ocean and the torture scene – in Casino Royale were undoubtedly among last year’s movie highlights. But don’t expect more of the same in the next James Bond flick. According to Dark Horizons website, Daniel Craig is not at all impressed with all the hysteria over his buff body in the film – and wants to cover up in future Bond outings so that we can all focus on his acting talents (which we admit are equally impressive). You may remember that Daniel recently snapped at a reporter who complimented him on his physique. We’re considering calling for an international protest and boycott of the spy franchise should the actor get his way.

Jennifer Hudson to play Aretha?

Soul diva Aretha Franklin has revealed that a movie about her life may be in the works. According to Access Hollywood, she confirmed that none other than recent Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) may be in line to play her in the film. And while we might see this as bloody fantastic casting Aretha herself doesn’t seem quite so enthusiastic, saying that, “Well, I don’t know. I’m not sure. The producers want to know how I feel about it, about her playing me. What I’d like to see is three different people playing me.” Well, we did say she’s a bitch… erm… diva.

Robbie Williams post-rehab report

It’s been a week or so since Robbie Williams left rehab in the USA and the tabloids have been eagerly tracking his every move – probably just waiting to see him slip up. Surprisingly, the first thing he did upon returning to the real world was to engage in a little clubbing. In fact he’s been seen at three nightclubs in the last seven days – including LA’s Winston and Hyde hotspots. We can certainly understand that he may have felt the urge to socialise after being locked up, but is clubbing really a recommended activity for a recovering addict? He’s also spent time – perhaps more sensibly – shopping for clothes and a new car. Whatever he may be up to, we hope he gets back into the studio to make a decent album again.

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