In an article in the Guardian newspaper this week singer Elton John has urged readers to take a stand against homophobia.

In the piece, titled, Shout the bigots down, John writes that, “homophobia is far from dead. My 60th birthday wish is that we all stand up for basic human rights.”

While the pop star applauds the fact that he was able to make a legal commitment to partner David Furnish in Britain, “as is my legal right and my human right”, he makes the point that others are not so lucky.

He writes that “Amnesty International has documented laws which criminalise gay sex in over 80 countries,” and cites nations such as El Salvador and Poland where people are facing hardship because of their sexual orientation.

“There is enough hatred in the world. Leave gay people alone. We are just trying to be ourselves”, says Elton John, adding that, “…we need more voices. Whether the bigot is in our local pub or miles away, we should all stand up and speak out for basic human rights.”

He further implores readers to sign up for Amnesty International’s campaign against homophobia in El Salvador where gay rights activists are facing death threats for their work.

John and Furnish entered into a civil partnership on December 21, 2005, the first day that civil partnerships could be performed in England.

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