London celebrated gay Pride this Saturday, despite pouring rain and the city being the target of failed terrorist bombings.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets parading through the West End until they reached Trafalgar Square. There the party continued with live performances by various acts including Darren Hayes and Graham Norton.

Two nail-packed car bombs, which failed to detonate, had earlier been discovered along the parade route. Officials said that they did not believe that the bombs were specifically targeted at the gay community.

Nevertheless, event organisers and the police met on Friday to decide whether the parade should take place in midst of the high terrorist threat in the UK. Ultimately all parties agreed that Pride should go ahead as planned.

London’s Mayor, Ken Livingstone, and other government officials took part in the event, as did members of the Royal Navy and the Police who marched in full uniform.

Pride was also celebrated in Paris and Madrid on Saturday. The Spanish capital was the location of the annual four day Europride festival, which wrapped up on the weekend with a large parade featuring 40 floats from around Europe.

Paris saw approximately 700 000 people turn out to participate and watch the city’s parade.

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