Although Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) head Juan Uys appeared in the Kroonstad Magistrate’s Court in the Free State on Monday it remains unclear exactly what charges he is set to face. He was arrested early on Saturday morning at his mother’s home.

According to SAPA, the mysterious Uys was in court relating to a warrant of arrest for theft, issued in the Western Cape, but it is unknown to what this specifically relates.

It appears as if the charges are unconnected to the SA Male Prostitute blog, the activities of the Crimexposouthafrica site or the GLA – all of which he has been implicated in.

The court postponed the case to July 30 when the 39 year old Uys is set to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court. He is expected remain in custody and will be moved to the city by the police in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Independent Democrats politician Simon Grindrod welcomed Uys’s arrest, saying that he “must face the consequences of his lunatic behaviour.” Grindrod had previously laid fraud charges against Uys with regard to the Crimexposouthafrica website, which sought to dissuade tourists from visiting South Africa. It has been claimed that Uys solicited money from the public under false pretences through the website.

Grindrod was later named as one of the alleged clients of Skye, self proclaimed author of the widely publicised SA Male Prostitute blog; believed to actually be Uys. In response, Grindrod laid a charge of crimen injuria against the alleged con artist.

Grinrod has said that he will closely monitor the case to ensure that Uys also faces these charges.

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