A crimen injuria charge against the controversial head of the discredited Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA), Juan Duval Uys, has been withdrawn.

Uys, who appeared in the Cape Town magistrate’s court on Friday, has been at the centre of numerous controversies, including accusations that he was the man behind the anonymous male prostitute “sex blogger” who published claims about alleged clients.

Independent Democrats politician Simon Grindrod, among the high profile men named in the blog, had laid the charge of crimen injuria against Uys.

However, it appears that a lack of concrete evidence connecting the once elusive GLA leader to the blogger has led to prosecutors dropping the charge against the 39 year old Uys. He has threatened to retaliate against Grindrod by laying counter-charges of crimen injuria and harassment.

It is unclear as to the status of another long-outstanding charge – for the alleged theft of R250 – against Uys. In July, police had also said that they were investigating a connection between Uys and an unsolved 1993 murder in Kroonstad.

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