An openly gay male student has been nominated for Prom Queen at a Wisconsin high scjhool in the US.

High school senior Uriel Gomez, who was the talk of the school halls his freshman year when he came out, has once again become the centre of attention.

He was nominated by enough of his fellow classmates to appear on the short list for prom queen at Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin.

This possibility has some school officials up in arms. “I don’t really want to go there,” the school’s Activities Director Jim Kerkvliet said. “They don’t see the public perspective on how this might look.”

Gomez has come a long way since freshman year—the student who was once teased for being gay has grown into a confident senior well-liked enough to land himself on the prom court. Gomez did not campaign officially for the votes, but he does not see why the school is so upset.

“It’s not like I’m forcing myself on the ballot; I did it legitimately and I did it fairly,” he said.

Though he has been bullied for his orientation and been called names, Gomez said he’s been called much worse than “queen,” but “…if you’re going to call me a queen I might as well have a good title with it … prom queen.”

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