Openly gay Indian royal, Prince Mavendra Singh Gohil, will be one of the three opening speakers at the Stockholm Europride 2008.

The massive international LGBT celebration will welcome the Prince of the Royal Family of Gujarat to Stockholm to speak on the festival’s opening day, July 25.

The prince, who made 2006 headlines when he publicly came out of the closet, has subsequently been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and starred in the gay film Emotionally Yours. Gohil has also set up a charity, Lakshya, which was designed to educate young gay men about the dangers of HIV.

“We have chosen Manvendra Singh Gohil because he can give EuroPride visitors an image of the situation for LGBT people in other parts of the world,” said Jonah Nylund, President of Stockholm Pride.

The prince issued a statement saying that he was honoured to be invited as one of the opening speakers, claiming that it was especially poignant as he lives in a country where LGBT issues are still taboo.

The Stockholm Europride will take place from 25 July – 2 August.

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