A gaggle of drag artists made an appearance on a special ‘drag episode’ of national television talk show 3Talk with Noeleen on Friday, discussing everything from gender identity to make-up tips.

The late afternoon live show on SABC 3, hosted by Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu, was dedicated to the art of drag and featured some of the country’s leading lights in the drag business.

The cast of the revue show Cha Cha Heels, including Betty Butterlegs, Ines Beau Rivage, Kitana Sluticia and Foxy Brown, performed for the studio audience and were later interviewed by Maholwana-Sangqu.

They were asked to discuss common misconceptions about the terms drag queen, cross dresser and transvestite.

A caller from Johannesburg phoning in to congratulate the girls, describing them as “amazing artists.”

Maholwana-Sangqu, who seemed enthralled by her guests’ legs (“they go on forever”), then chatted to Cathy Specific, star of the Mile High revue.

The two humorously swapped shoes, with the Amazonian Specific commenting that “yours is not a comfy fit.”

Other guests included the current Miss Legends, Portia, who denied the stereotype of catty infighting between drag artists.

While most callers were positive about the guests, Frank from Port Elizabeth was offended, commenting “I don’t know what you’re teaching our sons…”

Specific was quick to respond, quipping, “I’m not here to teach his son anything. I hope Frank is doing that.”

The show concluded with a performance by Miss B and a trio from Legends nightclub.

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