Jon Qwelane has finally reacted to the furore centred on his recent homophobic article published in the Sunday Sun on the weekend.

Speaking to The Times last night he said that he was unaware that complaints had been made about the column.

He commented however that “I stand by my column,” asking “Whatever happened to freedom of speech in this country?”

Sunday Sun Publisher Deon du Plessis also spoke to the newspaper and said: “I don’t want to talk while the matter is in front of the Press Ombudsman.”

Meanwhile Cape Town Pride has confirmed that it is planning a protest outside the offices of the Media24 group in that city on Friday. Media24 is the owner of the Sunday Sun newspaper.

Pride Chairperson Ian McMahon told Mambaonline that the organisation had applied for permission to hold the demonstration and will notify the media if and when the protest goes ahead as soon as details are finalised.

Qwelane’s July 20 article, titled Call me names, but gay is NOT okay…, equated homosexuality with bestiality, praised Robert Mugabe’s oppression of gays and lesbians and encouraged the removal of the sexual-orientation clause from the constitution.

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