A member of the Sicilian mafia was allegedly gang-raped by his fellow gangsters as punishment for being gay, says his lawyer.

The 20 year old unnamed man, who is currently in jail for his role in a mafia family from Catania, was accused by his colleagues of being gay in 2006 because of his penchant for writing poetry.

He was then reportedly gang-raped by the eight men while in prison, claims his lawyer, Antonio Fiumefreddo, who has come forward with the information.

Fiumefreddo made the revelation on the internet current affairs programme, Klauscondicio.

“I don’t even know if he really is homosexual, but for his sensitive ways, and the fact that he wrote love poems, he is thought of as gay and treated accordingly,” he said.

The subject of homosexuality in the mafia has recently come to the fore in Italy after remarks by a top anti-mafia prosecutor that gay mafia bosses fear being open about their sexuality within their macho-driven organisations.

Fiumefreddo said his client was treated at the prison for his injuries from the rape but had declined to press charges.

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