Spears with X Factor judge Simon Cowell

Fans of Britney Spears are outraged after she failed to perform at a gay club in London, apparently resulting in a dangerous crowd incident.

Hundreds of club goers crammed into GAY nightclub following rumours and newspaper reports that the singer would make a surprise stage appearance.

Spears did turn up at the club but reportedly refused to perform and hid out in a separate VIP section.

GAY promoter Jeremy Joseph eventually addressed the impatient crowd and told them that the singer would not come out to sing but failed to explain why.

The news resulted in a near riot with some people allegedly crushed by the angry crowd, although there have been no reports of serious injury.

On Monday, the club’s website was still abuzz with scathing comments from club goers upset at the fiasco.

“…it got to the point that people were being dragged out of the audience and collapsing. Everyone was being crushed in a very horrible way including me,” claimed one man.

It’s unclear why Spears refused to perform, with some suggesting that her management were concerned that the club was overcrowded and the situation could become dangerous.

“She didn’t come on as it was unsafe. If people were getting squashed and passing out before she came on, imagine what would have happened when she did? It’s the venue’s fault. Not Britney’s,” read another comment on the GAY site.

Spears was in London for a performance on the television talent competition show X Factor to promote her new album, Circus.

According to London’s The Times, a spokesperson for the star said: “Contrary to reports, Britney Spears was never booked to perform or even appear at GAY. She was invited to the evening but was never asked to perform. Following her incredible X Factor performance, Britney took up the invite and relaxed.”

The club’s management has denied that the venue was overcrowded.

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