A gay detective agency, with the aim of helping LGBT people who face blackmail and other crises because of their sexuality, has been launched in the UK.

According to the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, the company has included the Pink Panther cartoon character in its advertising.

The company will offer surveillance and computer forensics and will also tackle cases in which a client believes his or her partner is being unfaithful.

In addition to handling unique scenarios facing LGBT people it will give its clients a ‘judgment free’ service.

“When people pick up the phone to call us they tend to have gone down quite a long road already… you feel bad enough without worrying about whether the stranger at the other end of the line will judge you,” the agency’s founder, Nigel Parsons, told the newspaper.

“Our staff are aware of the specific needs of the gay community and we pride ourselves on being able to make people feel at ease as well as being able to deal with sometimes difficult issues,” he said.

The agency is based in the south of England but will service clients across the UK.

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