SA GLAAD has revealed that a right wing group is rallying “Christian citizens” to vote for parties based on their opposition to LGBT rights.

According to SA GLAAD’s Christina Engela, Errol Naidoo of the Family Policy Institute – who has most recently campaigned against the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras – is behind the drive.

“Naidoo has for years campaigned against the equal civil rights of GLBT citizens of this country and dressed his personal prejudice with hateful religious rhetoric with full support of the religious right in South Africa, as well as that of his American mentors,” said Engela.

SA GLAAD said that on Monday Naidoo sent out the following message on Facebook:

“The Values Voter Guide which details the policy positions of 10 political parties on key issues of concern to Christian Citizens is now available on FPI’s website and can be accessed by clicking the following link. Please help me get the Values Voter Guide into the hands of as many Christian Citizens as possible. Together we can!”

A number of the parties listed in the guide oppose same-gender marriage and equal rights for LGBT people.

“Be aware! This hateful little man is rallying faith-based support for his war on GLBT equality and civil rights – YOUR civil rights – and those of your friends, family members and ALL of us. He has spent a lot of his time sullying the name and soiling the image of loving Christians in the name of his own intolerance, and colouring gay-hating bigotry with misrepresented religious authority,” said Engela.

“If you feel as I do – that those with an open mind and who support democracy, justice and freedom; and those who follow a loving God would never support such reprehensible actions, you should speak out against this insidious call to arms against innocent people.”

Engela called on those who object to Naidoo’s message to let him know by leaving a wall post at the Facebook group from which his call was sent.

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