Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, the world’s first openly gay leader, has won Iceland’s general elections.

The 66 year old Social Democratic Alliance leader will lead the first left-wing government in the country after almost eighteen years of conservative Independent party domination.

The coalition governments of the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left Green Movement won 34 out of the 63 seats in Parliament in weekend voting. It was a crushing defeat for the pro-business Independence Party, under which Iceland’s banks collapsed last year with huge debts amassed during years of rapid expansion.

Sigurdardóttir has already signalled her plans for Iceland to join the European Union, saying: “We want Iceland as soon as possible to join the European Union and adopt the euro.”

Sigurdardóttir was sworn into office as the interim prime minister of Iceland in February following the collapse of the previous government. Her party’s success in the election ensures that she remains in her position as leader of the country.

Sigurdardottir’s partner is the fifty-four-year-old Icelandic author, playwright and journalist Jónína Leósdóttir . They have been in a civil partnership since June 2002 and are raising three children together.

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