Ethan Mcnamee, a nine year old third-grader from Montclair Elementary, managed to organise a successful gay rights rally on Saturday in Denver, USA.

Standing alone on the steps of Colorado State’s capitol, he addressed the crowd, “I believe I am doing the right thing. I hope this rally will make an impact and let our voices be heard.”

Mcnamee first got the idea for his independent class project when he heard anti-gay remarks on the playground. He then discovered that a same-sex couple in his neighbourhood couldn’t get married under state laws.

With the help of his teacher and parents, Ethan and several of his friends managed to gain permits to hold the rally, find guest speakers and raise awareness for the rally in the community. Over two hundred people turned up in support.

Ethan believes that if two people love each other that is the only issue to be considered: “Everybody is different in a good way,” he said.

Administrators at his school have been sensitive to the controversial issue. Parents were notified about his project and only students who wanted to get involved participated.

Mcnamee’s teacher, Kyle Kimmal, said he was careful to not impose his views on Ethan. He also told Ethan that his stand could anger some classmates and parents and that he should be prepared for protestors at the state capitol.

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