Scott Rennie

Despite considerable opposition, the Church of Scotland has approved the ordination of an openly gay minister.

Scott Rennie’s appointment as minister of Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen was confirmed following a ground-breaking 326 to 267 vote in his favour by the Church’s ruling body on Saturday.

“I am humbled that the General Assembly has recognised God’s call upon my life as well as the rights of the congregation of Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen,” Rennie (37) said in a statement.

He added, “I am grateful that the nature of the discussion tonight was measured and respectful of different views shared amongst us.

“My prayer is that now the members of the Church of Scotland can journey together and focus on providing pastoral care, meaningful worship and a prophetic voice of hope in our nation.”

The controversial appointment has divided Scotland, with some conservative traditionalists threatening to split away from the Church. More than 400 ministers and around 5,000 church members signed an online petition opposing Rennie’s ordination.

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