Anthony Morley (left) and Damian Oldfield (right)

Former Mr. Gay UK Anthony Francis Morley has failed in getting his 30 year prison sentence reduced.

The thirty six year old, who was crowned in 1993, stabbed 33-year-old Damian Oldfield to death on 23 April last year before slicing off pieces of his flesh from his thigh. He then cooked and ate the flesh.

Morley told the court that he could not remember murdering Oldfield. He said that he was still coming to terms with his sexuality and that when Morley became physical in bed while they watched a DVD, he lost control.

“I felt numb and out of control. I felt uncomfortable and betrayed. I was not comfortable with having a sexual relationship when we had only just got to know each other.”

The former chef claimed that his minimum sentence of thirty years was too long for Oldfield’s murder and the desecration of his body. However London’s Court of Appeal ruled there was nothing wrong with the sentence given to him.

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