A lesbian woman in Torquay, England, is angry about the “disgusting” treatment she received after being denied access to an all-male gay bar in the Key West Hotel.

Rebecca Hill was reportedly having drinks in the hotel with her partner last Sunday after the town’s Pride festival, when they decided to go to the downstairs bar. However they were told that they couldn’t enter the bar, known as Tom’s Cruise Bar, because they were women.

Hill told the South Devon Herald Express: “If this was a working’s man club turning away women people would say it was wrong. I think it is disgusting that after all the strides the gay movement has made over the years there are places still discriminating. For years gay people weren’t being accepted in society. Key West can’t say ‘out and proud’ if it’s only for men.”

However Key West advertises itself as the UK’s first and only exclusively gay resort, and the bar’s owner has said that it reserves the right to turn away women and believes this is within the law.

Co-owner of the Key West Hotel Peter Gordon said: “Men can be naturists in the garden and we don’t want lesbians or straight men kicking off because it is in their face. Our priority is our guests. We did explain the rules to one woman and told her she was welcome to drink upstairs.”

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