Victor Webster

Melrose Place’s new gay hunk has reported that the role of a gay male character on the upcoming revival of Melrose Place will be played by the steamy Victor Webster. This Canadian-born stud has been previously seen in shows like Sex and the City, Days of our Lives and Charmed. He even did a nude photo spread for the January 2000 issue of Playgirl magazine (although tastefully not exposing ALL his talents – damn!). The new Melrose Place, based on the popular 1990’s series will premiere in the US in September. While we don’t know if and when it’ll hit local shores, we now certainly have a good reason to hope that it does.

Jack Mackenroth is swimmingly sexy!

Former Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth achieved an impressive medal count at this year’s Outgames in Copenhagen. The fetching swimmer walked away with two Gold, four Silver, and two Bronze medals. The openly gay fashion designer has been battling with HIV since 1990, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit. We look forward to seeing more of Jack in the future… a lot more!

Homo-erotic mystery surrounding Sherlock Holmes

“It’s called circumstantial homosexuality,” sex-on-legs Robert Downey Jr. jokingly told the press at Comic-Con last week. He was of course referring to the relationship between sleuth and sidekick in Guy Ritchie’s latest film outing, Sherlock Holmes. “We’re two men who happen to be roommates, wrestle a lot and share a bed. It’s bad-ass,” said Robert. The bromance hinted at between Robert’s Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law’s Dr. Watson sounds terribly delicious, and we can’t wait to see it play out on the big screen. However some people feel differently… “I think they’re just trying to generate controversy… They know that making Holmes and Watson homosexual will take away two-thirds of their box office. Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don’t think it would be appealing to women. Straight men don’t want to see it,” said former film critic and radio host Michael Medved. Well he can stay home while the rest of us rush to the cinemas to ogle at the hotties this December.

Hugh Jackman sings again

The always-fabulous Hugh Jackman is training his vocal chords for his next film, The Greatest Showman on Earth. Hugh will play P.T. Barnum, creator of the now-famous three-ring circus. To complete the perfect picture, Mika is in talks to write the music and lyrics and the lovely Anne Hathaway is rumoured to have bagged the love interest role. Hugh can do no wrong, so we can’t wait to see how this pans out!

Ugly Betty gets pretty!

Snaps of America Ferrera taking a break on the set of Ugly Betty reveal that beloved Betty Suarez ditches the braces and gets a fabulous makeover in the latest season. “She looks a lot classier,” one source told Entertainment Weekly about Betty’s new look. “But she’s still far from perfect.” Executive Producer Silvio Horta added, “There’s going to be progressions in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.” Maybe they should think about changing the show’s title…

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler talks about his bi-sexuality and cucumbers

An old interview that supposedly deals with macho hunk Gerard Butler’s confused sexuality has recently resurfaced. “I talk about my sexuality,” the Scottish actor from 300 and RocknRolla said, “But it’s always glossed over. People seem to shy away from the issue. Whenever it is discussed, it’s distended and exaggerated. ‘Gerard Butler is gay.’ No I’m not. I don’t know myself what I am so it can be bewildering to see that being plugged. I have been in relationships with women. And men. That doesn’t make me gay. That doesn’t make me straight.” There is some dispute about the veracity of this interview, but we’d like to think (rather sadly) that it’s all entirely true. Gerard, has however, never denied this statement. More recently he told reporters at the premiere for his new movie The Ugly Truth that he convinced filmmaker Robert Luketic to hire him after he told him this joke: “A gay guy walks into a greengrocer and he says ‘Can I have a cucumber please?’ And the greengrocer says, ‘Eh would you like that sliced?’ Ha ha. ‘What do you think I am, a slot machine?’ It’s not very funny. It’s just that the way I said it.” We sure love a sexually ambiguous guy with a sense of humour…

Madonna’s erotic tapes up for auction

An auction house in New York is selling Madge’s old love letters and sexy answering machine messages to an ex-boyfriend in an online auction. Madonna faxed love letters to her then-boyfriend Jim Albright and left naughty messages on his answering machine in the early 1990s. The messages are on two micro-cassette tapes estimated to sell for up to $40,000. Fans can also look forward to the debut of Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, in the video for her upcoming Celebration video, taken off her upcoming greatest hits album.

Dustin Lance Black sues over sex scandal

Milk’s Oscar-winning writer Dustin Lance Black is suing the website that first revealed the naked photos of him and his partner at the time, Jeff Delancy. The images show Dustin and Jeff having sex without a condom, which has tarnished the screenwriter’s reputation. The lawsuit claims that he had no idea the explicit pictures were being taken by his partner, and that he thought they only showed his head and torso. Black’s legal team is hoping to stop all distribution of the photos as well as a payout of $3 million. Dustin is no Paris Hilton and the negative attention could actually be damaging to his career; especially considering that he is a safe-sex spokesperson.

Cristiano’s $144 million legs

Real Madrid has insured Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs for around $144 million. The soccer team originally forked out a whopping $131 million for the hunky Ronaldo to transfer from Manchester United, and are making damn sure that their investment pays off. This comes after Ronaldo was recently kicked in the knee during a friendly, and while the injury wasn’t too serious it still got Real Madrid sweating. Well, we already know Cristiano had million dollar legs…

Peter Andre

Peter Andre gets sexy

In a recent photoshoot with the UK’s Fabulous magazine, Peter Andre strips down to reveal a hot new body. After shedding a few pounds and hitting the gym, Peter shapes up nicely. Seems like ge

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