Singer Robbie Klay

Singer Robbie Klay, who has accused fellow singer Jurie Els of sexual abuse, has admitted in court that he was paid to reveal Els’s name.

Klay (23) claims that Else repeatedly molested him over a period of five years starting from when he was 11.

Despite initially claiming that he had not sold his story and insisting that money had not motivated him, Klay finally admitted that Huisgenoot magazine had paid him R 10,000 to provide the identity of his alleged abuser.

He said however that his former fiancée had agreed to accept the money and provided his banking details to the magazine without his knowledge. He conceded that he had nevertheless spent the money.

“My decision to talk was not about money. Not even R 10,000 can make up for what happened”, Klay told the court.

He said that he agreed to do an interview with the magazine in order to help others but did not at first intend to reveal Els’s name. Klay explained that he later changed his mind because he felt that he had to be honest to his fans and his daughter.

Els, who now lives in New Zealand with his wife and child, has denied all charges and voluntarily returned to South Africa to defend himself in court.

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