The US Supreme Court yesterday blocked the YouTube broadcast of the trial challenging California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The delayed broadcast on the Internet was originally approved by the judge in the case, Chief US District Judge Vaughn Walker.

The Supreme Court, however, then overturned his ruling, at least temporarily, saying that it needed more time to consider the issue. It is expected to make a final decision on Wednesday.

The broadcast has been vociferously opposed by those who are defending the Proposition 8 ban.

The high profile trial began on Monday with emotional testimony from two same-sex couples who said that they were effectively second-class citizens because they did not have the right to marry.

“I feel like a tiny person in this huge country, and I just want my rights. I’m just trying to get the rights the Constitution says I have,” Sandy Stier told the court.

The couples, supported by LGBT groups and the city of San Francisco, are suing to overturn the Proposition 8 ban which was voted into law by Californian voters in November 2008.

The trial is expected to last for a number of weeks.

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