Singer Elton John (Pic: Richard Mushet)

Following reports that Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol there are rumours that pop legend Elton John will replace him as a judge on the hit show.

According to the TMZ website, a source has claimed that the talent search competition’s producers are actively looking for a replacement for Cowell and are considering the openly gay singer.

Interestingly, John has previously been a guest judge in the third season of the show.

The site has said that when it contacted a spokesperson for John, the rumour was neither confirmed nor denied and it was told that the performer was on holiday.

Idols producer Simon Fuller has, however, confirmed that he has received numerous calls from superstars around the world vying for Cowell’s position.

Cowell will be leaving American Idol to launch the US version of his other talent competition, The X Factor.

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