This month sees the launch of another uniquely quirky creation from Etat Libre d’Orange as well as the repackaging of Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake’s men’s fragrances in striking new limited edition bottles.


From Etat Libre d’Orange, the French fragrance house that brought us the superb Tom of Finland men’s fragrance, comes the wittily-monickerd “Fat Electrician” – a name you’d never usually associate with an exclusive and glamorous item.

Unique names are a trademark of the brand, and so is the high standard of its products. This eau de parfum is, according to the publicity notes, inspired by the story of a once desirable and handsome Texan gigolo who has since become a suburban fat electrician; “his talent depleted in his sexual decline”. Designed by acclaimed perfumer Antoine Maisondieu, it’s described as an ode to bygone eroticism; “to celebrate this beauty which cannot be recaptured”.

The fragrance juxtaposes the dry, earthy transparency of the vetiver fragrant grass with the sweeter, balsamic smokiness of opoponax and myrrh. As the scent develops, it metamorphosis from a green, slightly salty element into something substantial and solid. Vanilla, opoponax and myrrh lend the scent a comfortingly fleshy, well-rounded quality.

Etat Libre d’Orange fragrances – including Fat Electrician and Tom of Finland – are sold exclusively at Metropolitain Cosmetics branches (which means that not every Tom, Dick and Harry will have them) at Sandton City, Melrose Arch and Hyde Park. A 50 ml Fat Electrician eau de parfum sells for R710.


Jean Paul Gaultier’s classic men’s fragrance – with its interplay of contrasts; cool, fresh mint and voluptuous vanilla – is presented in this ‘Super Le Male’ collector’s limited edition bottle. Described as “ultra-powerful, hyper-sensual” Gaultier’s still-fresh creation is strikingly masculine with a hint of sweetness and femininity.

The iconic blue bottle, shaped in the form of a man’s torso, features a removable “superhero” sailor’s jersey. Super Le Male is now available at department and fragrances stores and retails for approximately R775.

Designer Issey Miyake has also restyled his original fragrance’s container for autumn 2010; seeing this as an element “which the artist sculpts, alters, recomposes…” For Miyake, “anything can become clothing” – including the packaging of his fragrance.

A beech wood in natural brownish tones was chosen for L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme – Edition Bois. A contrasting matte silver cap accentuates the bottle’s masculine character. Issey Miyake Pour Homme 2010 EDT Limited Edition is available in 100ml and retails for around R630.

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